Food Experiments: Chickpeas


Sometimes, I want to eat something different. I mentally filter through the things in the fridge and the pantry and decide that nothing sounds good. Once my stomach has decided that nothing sounds good, I have to actually get up off my behind and scour the pantry for ingredients. It’s a struggle when getting up involves peeling a very comfortable cat off my lap.

Today, when contemplating what to eat, my brain stuck on chickpeas. I was going to mix them with refried beans, but the can mysteriously disappeared. So, I dumped in some cumin and onion powder and popped them in the microwave.

While that was warming, I went to the fridge. I have this very complex system where I look in the fridge and the pantry and pull out things I think will go well with my main ingredient. It’s definitely a science. I pulled out some minute rice, a tortilla, and some American cheese. The cheese went on the tortilla, the tortilla took a turn in the microwave, then the rice. Lots of microwaving.

After everything was warm, I discovered that chickpeas are not the easiest thing to mash. They’re round, and pretty firm, and they like to slide away from the person trying to mush them. I got them mostly mashed, then decided I wanted something to bind them together a little. The fridge was mostly empty, so I settled on sriracha mayo. I put together some interesting things sometimes.

The end result was a sriracha mayo chickpea mash, rice, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. It was actually pretty good. Some nuttiness with a hit of tang. It’s always nice when I don’t accidently overdose on soy sauce or add way too much garlic salt. I don’t always know what I’m doing, but I try.

I’m always looking for more chickpea ideas. What’s your favorite way to eat them?


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